[iOS] Truth or Dare? Dirty games


Download [iOS] Truth or Dare? Dirty games

ONLY try out our dirty TRUTH OR DARE app…

Best Download iOS Apps Truth or Dare? Dirty games
Best Download iOS Apps Truth or Dare? Dirty games

…if you like:

▸ getting wild with friends or having smoking hot nights in with bae

▸ playing one of the most loco party apps on the market

▸ getting wasted with seriously naughty truth or dare games

▸ finding out some deep, dark secrets

▸ just playing a b*****t crazy adult game

You’ll love our app because…

…after many updates and countless tests, we know what you need. Thanks in particular to the like and dislike buttons integrated into the application, we constantly inject new dares and truths with each update, always tailored to you weirdos’ tastes! 

You won’t be disappointed because…

…downloading is free and includes the first game mode that can be fired up and played immediately. Simple as that. 0 ads, 100% guaranteed. No repetitive weekly or monthly subscription requests either. You can play hours of truth or dare free and with no commitment. 


…anyone can play! Thousands of truth and dare or sex games for couples, each more wild and dirty than the last, await.

▸ With friends (choose them wisely!) ▸

You’ve been to enough parties to know that it can be tough to get the vibe going and the laughs flowing. Playing our naughty truth or dare with your friends – guys AND girls – will smash all those taboos. Get people acting stupid together in no time. This party app was created BY adults FOR adults! 

▸ As a couple, straight or gay ▸

Our naughty games have also been designed to be ideal for couples. A quick round of sexy Truth or Dare with your significant other is guaranteed to lead to wild behaviour. Our steamy dares and teasing questions will get things caliente in the bedroom. An example? “If she is getting too hot, slide an ice cube between her…” Yep, an erotic adult Truth or Dare is also a great way to rekindle the sexual flame and rediscover your boyfriend or girlfriend’s darker side. Ready for a hot evening? It’s up to you two to decide how far to take it… 

▸ With the ladies for a steamy sleepover ▸

Combining your girls’ night in with dirty Truth or Dare is a tried and tested recipe for success. Discover your girlfriends’ outrageous secrets! And it doesn’t matter if your girl refuses to fess up, our app will provide sexy and outrageous dares for her so the scandal never stops! Who said sleepovers were only about tame games for timid teens?

▸ With the boys – your tightest squad ▸

Boys keep secrets too, and men even more so! Time to uncover some deep dirt. If you already think you know everything about your buddies, our extreme Truth or Dare will prove you massively wrong. So, who wants to find out who their crew really are?