[iOS] Sultry Chat: Flirt Hook Up App


Download [iOS] Sultry Chat: Flirt Hook Up App

I know what you want! You will get it right now! Just install this app. It is not at all like any other.

Best Download Sultry Chat- Flirt Hook Up App iOS Mobile

+ SAFE & SECURE – no personal data required

+ ANONYMOUS – no phone, email or facebook

+ ROMANTIC – you can show your face only to the elect

+ INTERESTING – a different set of pictures for different people

+ 100% RESULT – you will definitely like it!

You can hide your face with a mask and go on an amazing romantic adventure. The mask hides you from all but the elect. Open your face to whomever you want, when you want.

You can create different styles and different photo sets and choose which user will see you in this or that image. Here you can be strict for some, romantic for others, crazy for third. Only you decide.

First you need to take a selfie with a mask. You can choose a mask that suits you best. Later you can change the mask.

All users will see you in a mask. If you like someone, you can remove the mask only for this user. If he or she will show you her/his face too, you will be able to proceed to chats.

In addition, if you liked someone and you want to make a special impression on the user, you can send him or her a special photo that no one will see except the recipient.