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[iOS] Reach – Internet Best Friends

Download [iOS] Reach – Internet Best Friends

Reach helps you make Internet Best Friends (IBFs). And we think IBFs are super mega awesome! 

Best Download iOS Dating Apps Reach - Internet Best Friends
Best Download iOS Dating Apps Reach – Internet Best Friends

Unlike other apps, Reach is the first ever friend-finding app that gives you personalized recommendations based on you, and that’s pretty cool. We don’t let users pay for perks, and we stick with finding you friends, not romance or jobs.

You can join groups that you’re interested in to meet friends who enjoy the same movies, tv shows, hobbies, music, or anything else you love ~more than life itself~.

We use artificial intelligence to give you a personalized Reach Score with every other user on Reach. You’ll get unique recommendations to help you find the best IBF for you. We know it can be hard, so when it hasn’t been your day, week, month, or year for finding an IBF, we’ll be there for you! 

If you have a high Reach Score with someone, they’re likely an ideal IBF for you. Yaaaasss! 

The more active you are on Reach, the more accurate your Reach Score will be. So get on it! 


1) Join a group (or three!) that best matches your interests, experiences, and culture

2) Post your opinions, ideas, and questions and respond to other posts 

3) Receive our personalized recommendations of ideal IBFs for you

4) Say hi to new friends in our Conversations page

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