[iOS] Prospr-Girls Power Rule Dating


Download [iOS] Prospr-Girls Power Rule Dating

Prospr – The Dating App for women aged 30+ that lets women take the initiative in the dating world.

Best Download iOS Dating Apps Prospr-Girls Power Rule Dating
Best Download iOS Dating Apps Prospr-Girls Power Rule Dating

No b******t! you’re a prize, and you’re in control!

You hold the power in the relationship!

Meet people just like you, tired of the dating scene and seeking a committed relationship.

No more endless swiping without prevail. With Prospr, you get meaningful matches with people who share your unique outlook on living to the fullest, every single day.

Prospr has unique features proven to guarantee the identity of your match, ensuring you can find a real meaningful partner. 

There is picture verification to ensure the person you are talking to is the real person in the image you see. No longer will you have to trawl through pictures of people next to someone else’s car or house!

To maintain a high-quality user-case, all profiles are reviewed by Prospr’s review team. This ensures each and every profile meets our requirements. Prospr’s dedicated review team removes all profiles that fall below this standard! 

Notable Features of Prospr include:

Prospr: Match with users around you

Discovery: Search for people who meet your criteria

Chats: Chat with people when you are matched