[iOS] LesBeSocial: Lesbian queer app


Download [iOS] LesBeSocial: Lesbian queer app

Welcome to the tribe of Lesbesocial and a brand new more social way to meet lesbian friends from all around the world! Lesbesocial is the best and most popular social network app for gay, bisexual and queer women. 

Best Download LesBeSocial- Lesbian queer app iOS Mobile
Best Download LesBeSocial- Lesbian queer app iOS Mobile

The app is fast and easy to use. Unlike most traditional lesbian dating apps all features are completely free, including unlimited chat. No ads. No hidden costs. Sign up with just one click and you become part of our huge worldwide LGBTQ community.


– MEMBERS. Search, find and follow new LGBT friends from all over the world.

– GAY MAP. Helps you to quickly get an overview of members, groups, posts, events and photo albums near you. Easily change country and city to get your perfect travel guide for everything lesbian. 

– GROUPS. Join or create a group to connect with lesbians sharing the same interests, location, occupation etc. 

– PAGES. Follow posts and event updates from your favourite queer clubs, bars, bloggers, organizations, musicians, actors, pride festivals etc. 

– EVENTS. Find, create and join LGBTQ events of your interest to meet new gay women. 

– PHOTO ALBUMS. A picture is worth a thousand words and now you can see photo albums and get inspiration from LGBTQ events all around the world. 

– NEWS. Get your daily lesbian news update directly in the app. 

– TRENDING TAGS. See which hashtags that are trending in the LGBT community right now.

– MEET. If you are here to find love, use our meet functionality to quickly set up a local date. 

– MESSAGES. Find online members for unlimited free instant chat. 

– PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Enable push and email notifications to make sure you never miss a message or event invitation. 

We are an independent lesbian owned and operated company and our primary mission is to build and strengthen our amazing gay, bisexual and queer women community by creating a safe digital and physical space for lesbians to come together and interact, advocatin