[iOS] Kindu For Couples


Download [iOS] Kindu For Couples

We created KINDU to help couples communicate and connect with each other. 

Best Download iOS Dating Apps Kindu For Couples
Best Download iOS Dating Apps Kindu For Couples

KINDU’s mission is to help you: 

-Improve the intimacy of your relationship

-Learn fun new things to do with your partner

-Discover more about your partner’s desires

-Create a haven to discuss your wants and wishes

-Laugh and create inside jokes

-Begin an exciting adventure with your partner. 

-Provide personalized tips or referrals to quality products or services. 


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-Over 1000 relationship ideas.

-Double-blind match system that allows couples to only see matches they agree on. 

-Password protection

-Unlimited updates

-Use on two separate devices

-Favorite option to allow you to star favorites and create favorite list

-Wildcard feature to allow you to anonymously submit your own ideas to your partner

-Anonymous accounts with no identifying data stored


With Kindu, you and your partner will get: 

– 62 daily decks for free

– Over 30 free celebration packs to commemorate fun holidays together. 

– Access to our White Rabbit store where you can buy more adventurous and specialized packs or simply unlock the daily decks if you cannot wait. 


In case you’re curious: KINDU was created by a group of doctors who were inspired by a sexual health class in med school. The class was meant to expose us straight-laced medical students to the full spectrum of human sexuality. You should have seen us blush! We were fascinated and embarrassed at the same time. Talk about Eyes Wide Shut! This made us realize the delicate nature of desire. We first developed KINDU as a hobby back in 2008. After further research, we discovered that intimacy is crucial to a healthy love life. The purpose behind our app became connection, communication, novelty, and fun. 

With KINDU, we strive to promote a love-positive lifestyle. KINDU is meant to incorporate the whole spectrum of what couples do. There will be some ideas you may not try in a million years, but there are other couples who want to do those same things a million times. We ask you keep an open mind and an open heart. 


The KINDU team

This is a great app for couples. It lets you start conversations that may be uncomfortable for some. Lots of ideas. While there is only a set number of daily decks, they are just a jumping off point. Ideas and packs come at various points, but feel few and far between. I have been using the app for years, and my wife and I both love it, but want to see it evolve for with and without micro-transactions.

My SO and I love this app; we do the “daily deck” and discuss what items were presented. We’ve done a few of the premium packs as well. My only complaints are that there are quite a few repeated questions in different decks, sometimes the app sort of malfunctions and skips cards or doesn’t acknowledge that you’ve answered one, and that it desperately needs to be proofread before being put up online (lots of spelling and grammar mistakes). The app is fun and has great potential, though!