[iOS] Hookup Dating App: Flirt Chat


Download [iOS] Hookup Dating App: Flirt Chat

PLEASURE AND SAFETY: Communicate with people around you right now, without swipes, likes, matches or waiting. Just contact everyone you like. Completely anonymous, no personal data required.

Best Download iOS Dating Apps Hookup Dating App- Flirt Chat
Best Download iOS Dating Apps Hookup Dating App- Flirt Chat

THIS IS SOMETHING NEW: Tired of thinking up what to text your latest connection? Do you want to avoid being banal and boring? Do you feel like everyone always texts the same thing?

We have a great solution for you!

SOLUTION: Each chat is an exciting game with its own rules. Each chat is a kind of dating game.Choose the rules for how new contacts chat with you and get in touch with others according to their rules. 

STICKERS ONLY : If you want to diversify your communication, try chat rooms where you can only communicate with funny stickers. There are no boring words, in fact, there are no words at all! Express your emotions without using text. You will never be banal or boring for a partner.

BLIND DATE: If you choose this type of communication, then you won’t be able to see each other’s faces until you become interested in each other.

PHOTOS ONLY: In photo only chat-rooms you can only share photos, no banal words, nothing superfluous.

VIDEO ONLY: Film a short video: ask a question or show how you can do back flips or play the harp. All the answers you get back will also be in the form of a short video. It will definitely be interesting.

FORTUNE (throw the dice): If you want to play different games, then choose this chat and each user will communicate with you in a different way.

ANONYMITY: We do not ask you for any emails, phone numbers, real names or social network accounts. Your presence in the service is completely anonymous. You can always disable visibility for other users or delete an account and return to us later. All you need to start communicating with people around you is a nickname and selfie.