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[iOS] Flock Dating Social Network

Download [iOS] Flock Dating Social Network

WELCOME to the Flock! Come check out this FREE app! We are the dating app where you can buddy up with your friends and scope out the matches together!

Best Download iOS Dating Apps Flock Dating Social Network
Best Download iOS Dating Apps Flock Dating Social Network

Online dating meets social networks. Forward profiles to friends to get their opinion.. Match safer.. we block scammers! Better app for finding someone real.. period. Help us fill the room. Download today!

Here’s the honest truth; We are a small team of friends who all believed that the online dating scene could use an overhaul. We heard too many stories about how crappy the other apps were. So we set out to build something that works for you instead of against you. 4 long years of development in our basements (literally) and this is it.. our masterpiece of blood sweat and tears. for you.

At Flock, we truly believe that being able to buddy up in a dating app is THE key to success. How many times have you shown a profile on XYZ dating app to a friend to see what they thought? That single act right there is what we based this whole thing off of. That’s the basic guiding principle of this app. Friends helping each other.

You’ll love Flock because it makes things less boring and less lonely. You’ll love it because you can get input from friends on people they’re thinking of messaging, or who have messaged them. And soon we’ll have endorsements enabled so you can write endorsements for friends.. 



we just cant.. wont do it.. The founder of this app was an Eagle Scout. So it’s just not an option. 🙂

So we need YOU to join RIGHT NOW. Don’t even question it.. You’ve read this far.. just do it, set up your profile with some pictures, and see if you get any messages. You never know, right? It’s free, it’s sleek, it’s designed well, tested to the 9’s and is only going to get better.

Tell your friends.. tell them all.. if you’re a sky writer, feel free to write something about us in the sky.. and let’s get this thing rockin!. 🙂

Key Features:

– We screen users and our AI kicks out scammers!

– Join with your friends! Buddy up! have more fun

– Let your friends make you matches or refer you to their friends you may not know

– Easily invite friends with your exclusive invite code

– Quick interface that is well designed and bug free

Future Features (coming soon):

– Endorsements

– Hiring professional (certified) matchmakers and dating coaches

– Social wall / feed / news feed feature for further socializing within geographic location

– Video chatting

– Web Version

– secret stuff


– Totally free

So play cupid for your friends and be a matchmaker, or get help from friends inside the same app.. Or just use the app alone if you like. 

MARRIED FRIENDS NOTICE: Do you have married friends that are constantly looking over your shoulder while you peruse other dating apps? Do you think they’d love to be in the dating app with you, chatting, sharing, forwarding profiles? GREAT! Invite them too!. They can join with your invite code and remain completely anonymous and hidden. Totally safe.. only you will know they exist. 


One of the biggest problems with dating apps today is the number of fake profiles and shady individuals. Scams, Spammers.. etc.. are running rampant on these platforms. Not on our app!!!!!!! We work to geolocate everyone as soon as they sign up so we know if they’re coming from where they say they’re coming from. Trying to trick us and the real users of this app? Think again.

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