[iOS] Dine Dating App


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• “Best New App” – Apple App Store

Best Download iOS Dating Apps Dine Dating App
Best Download iOS Dating Apps Dine Dating App

• “Feel much less nebulous than chatting on Tinder” – Business Insider

• “It’s perfect for foodies looking for a partner with similar taste buds.” – Refinery29 

• “Match to that first dinner or drinks date as quickly as possible.” – Venture Beat

• “Dine is all about skipping the “funny business” and hitting restaurants, bars and cafés with the people you like.” – PhoneArena

Dine allows you to meet people who are interested in going on an ACTUAL date! Matching with locals and having dead end conversations over the internet gets old so how about skipping the funny business and going on real dates at restaurants, bars and cafés near you? It’s time for you to get out and meet with people you like.

We designed Dine to solve a major issue we found amongst existing dating services. While all of these services allow people to mutually like each other and then start talking, there’s a big problem: all that hassle leads to an actual date only a fraction of the time! That means liking 100s of users just to go on a single date! Plus, it’s been shown that the average time it takes from first greeting to first date is usually around two full weeks.

That’s where Dine comes in. For those of you who want to message hundreds of users, you might want to find another service. On the other hand this is the perfect app if you want to easily meet people you are interested in over a good food and drinks.