[iOS] Denim – safe dating app


Download [iOS] Denim – safe dating app

Denim. Safe dating for those who value their time. No swipes, subscriptions and hidden payments.

Best Download Denim - safe dating app iOS Mobile
Best Download Denim – safe dating app iOS Mobile

We have changed online dating forever. Denim employs AI for users satisfaction.

=Denim principles:=

-No subscriptions and hidden payments. Everything is fair and transparent similar to blockchain.

-No swipes. AI helps to make a choice.

-No fake accounts and bots. All our users are thoroughly verified.

We believe that the best relationships are based on equality and respect.Thus, in Denim we are especially concerned about safety of our users.

=Why Denim?=

Denim is designed to revolutionize dating. Forget about useless swipes forever. We are moving forward with breakthrough technologies. Artificial intelligence and neural networks help our users to find love, friends or build business relations. You can now save time and match with the right person. Online dating has become simpler and more safe because Denim is based on respect and well-wishing attitude.

=How does it work?=

Endless swipes are now left in the past. Denim is a revolutionary approach to dating. Right after sign up AI-powered neural networks start learning. They analyze user activity and provide first matches in 20 minutes. The more you use the app the more accurate the search is.

Denim uses photo-based user verification. It ensures the person shown in profile image is the same you are chatting with. User intelligent verification is based on image recognition and ensures absence of fake accounts in Denim. Personal data is secured with end-to-end encryption and built-in proxy.

=Denim is your international home app=

Denim reopens the borders. We provide new dating opportunities worldwide. App interface and mechanics meet expectations of both men and women from different countries. That is why they actively use it for finding partners.

Forget about language barriers. Our users have access to instantaneous translation from market leaders. Dating with foreigners has never been so easy and convenient. Exclusively powered by Denim.

Right now Denim is localized in 10+ countries including China, Japan, Poland, Russia and others. Our team is constantly working to expand this list。

=We are proud of your stories!=

Love stories, new friends, business relations arising from common sports interests become a reality with Denim. That is what inspire us.

Share your successful experience in dating with Denim. Email your stories at [email protected] and give us 5 stars in AppStore. It will help to attract more users and make even more people happy! In Denim we know all about ideal relationships. We are glad to introduce new features for you. Chat, date and get positive emotions!

=Coming soon:=

-Denim Friends. Easy and safe way to expand your social circle.

With life going on our interests and needs are constantly changing. Denim Friends is an easy and safe way to find new soulmates and expand your social circle.

-Denim Sports . Open up new horizons in personal and business relations

Nowadays business relations are of the utmost importance. It can be often based on common sports interests. Denim Sports is designed to find partners for playing tennis, golf or attending Formula-1 event. It breaks new grounds in personal and business relations.